Recycle your old gear at upcoming Tryouts!

Thunder is pleased to work with UBC Textile Recycling Program -founded by former Thunder alumnae and current UBC Women’s Volleyball teammates Siobhan Finan and Laura Worsley – to address the issue of textile waste in UBC Athletics and other sports organizations. 

All athletes attending Thunder tryouts are encouraged to bring items from the list below to support this recycling initiative, including:

  • Any textiles (old jerseys, sweaters, sweatshirts and sweatpants, shirts, shorts, pants, towels, linens, etc.)
  • Paired shoes and socks
Please sort them into two categories:
1) Non-branded clothing –  includes any commercial labels, for example “Mizuno” or “Nike”.
2) Branded clothing –  includes any clothing with an organization’s label on it, for example “Thunder Volleyball Club.”

UBC Textile Recycling Program has partnered with Transcontinental Textiles Ltd. to keep these unwanted textiles out of landfill by being resold, recycled into oil rags and insulation or broken down to threads. All profits from the program go back to fund additional future sustainability initiatives at UBC Athletics.

Look out for our green labelled bins at tryouts and thank you for your support!

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