Thunder Tryouts Schedule

Athletes must pay one tryout fee ($45), and attend the first two tryouts listed for their age group. Following sessions will be run based on coaches decisions, and will be communicate to athletes as needed.

For more information please visit:

Age GroupDateStart TimeEnd TimeLocation
12U, 13UMon, Nov 214:15 PM6:15 PMOsborne
14UTues, Nov 227:30 PM9:00 PMCrofton
14UWed, Nov 237:30 PM9:00 PMCrofton
12U, 13UThurs, Nov 244:15 PM6:15 PMOsborne
15UThurs, Nov 245:45 PM7:45 PMWar Memorial Gym
12U, 13U, 14U **Mon, Nov 284:15 PM5;45 PMObsorne
15UTues, Nov 297:30 PM9:30 PMCrofton
17U, 18USun, Dec 47:00 PM9:00 PMWar Memorial Gym
16U, 17U, 18UMon, Dec 56:30 PM8:30 PMWar Memorial Gym
16U,Tues, Dec 66:30 PM8:30 PMWar Memorial Gym
17U, 18U **Tues, Dec 66:30 PM8:30 PMWar Memorial Gym
16U **Wed, Dec 75:00 PM7:00 PMWar Memorial Gym
** The third tryout for each age group is by invitation only and will be added at the discretion of the selection committee
All dates, times and locations are subject to change.