UBC Small Group or Individual Sessions

The purpose of these sessions are to tailor them to meet specific needs.  They can be set up in a variety of ways including general skill analysis and/or assessment as well as specific skill and position specific training.

Players can organize teammates or request similar times and dates

Multi-session packages for 4-6 sessions can be purchased.

Please email Connor MacCuspie with your individual or group details, goals and potential dates for a quote. 

We are lucky to have access to various coaches in order to meet the various needs of athletes.  Session rates are dependent on several factors including group size, experience level of coach, facility cost and number of sessions booked. 

Sessions are open to all club players!

Indoor sessions

Location: UBC War Memorial, SRC or Osborne gyms for most sessions.

Timing will be arranged based on facility availability but will include Monday or Wednesday afternoons/evenings and some weekend times.

Beach/ Grass court sessions

These sessions will be tailored to suit individual needs and can be adjusted to work on beach specific training or hybrid skill development for general skill development.

To book sessions email Connor MacCuspie (c.maccuspie@gmail.com)