As we celebrate 21 years of growth and success as a club, Thunder is very proud of the leadership and contributions of our teams and players. Success as a whole is measured by enjoying the process, hard work, dedication, and endless hours spent on the court with teammates. While some Thunder players continue with post-secondary opportunities, we applaud the efforts of all our players in their pursuit to play volleyball to their highest potential. As the great Kobe Bryant said, “The mindset isn’t about seeking a result – it’s more about the process of getting to that result. It’s about the journey and the approach.”

We begin the 2021 club season with a series of articles that identify the many successes achieved by our Thunder members. In the first of this series, we honour the Thunder athletes who are in their final year of club. We asked these athletes a range of questions and without a doubt they have shared powerful messages for all Thunder players. We also want to acknowledge that over the years, many Thunder athletes have been named to Varsity Letter’s BC’S Top 15 Volleyball Players. We’ve included a list of these players from 2017-2020.  

As athletes start and continue their club careers, volleyball will help write proud new chapters in each of their lives; chapters for which we will always be grateful. When we find ourselves in special moments, the kind we never forget, the kind where you ask yourself, “Is this real?”, we quietly tell ourselves that everything starts with a dream.