Thunder Volleyball Club (“Thunder”) understands that advancements of technology are enabling new forms of social interaction and social media is a popular communication tool for players, parents and coaches. Thunder is also aware that social media is a venue where inappropriate behavior and misconduct can occur. The following policies are meant to ensure the appropriate use of social media and online communication.

Texting, Email and Similar Electronic Communications

If it is necessary for a coach or staff member to send a direct text message or email to a player, the following guidelines must be followed:

  • A parent (or guardian) must be copied
  • It must be signed so it is clear as to whom or what organization is sending the message. Just using the number or email address for identification is not sufficient.
  • It should be non-personal and for the purpose of communicating information about team activities
  • It should never include or contain offensive, sexual or inappropriate language or photos
  • The time of day and the number of messages sent should be considered
  • Records should be kept of every coach’s current cell number and email accounts

When a player feels the need to text or email a coach or staff member, the following guidelines must be followed:

  • A parent (or guardian) must be copied
  • It should be sent only with information regarding the organization or team or club activities

Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and Similar Sites)

  • Coaches are not to have contact with players on any social media site.
  • Players are never to post pictures of other club members or players that can be hurtful or embarrassing or without their permission.
  • The use of any device of recording or transmitting visual images is strictly prohibited in showers, restrooms, changing rooms or other areas where participants expect privacy.
  • Protecting the identity and privacy of all Thunder players is required.
  • Do not post names, photos or identifying information at any time.
  • Players and parents can “friend” the official Thunder page and coaches can communicate to players through the site. The communication must be open, transparent and professional in nature and for the purpose of communicating information about the team or club activities.
  • Social media sites should not be used to abuse or criticize the organization, members or players.