Thunder Volleyball Volunteers – Key Areas of Responsibilities

Note – subject to change depending on each team’s and coach’s needs

Thunder Volleyball Club will only be able to provide a positive experience for the players and coaches with the volunteer efforts of Thunder families.  Volunteering is a requirement and expectation of the Club and we ask all families to commit to a minimum of 10 hours (6 hours for U13 and U14 due to less travel / tournaments involved). A $200 volunteer bond ($100 for U13 and U14 due to less number of hours contributed) will be collected by the team manager to encourage and ensure volunteer commitment from families. The ‘volunteer bond’ is a post-dated cheque and will be destroyed at the end of the season upon completion of volunteer requirements. Further details outlined below.

The following is list of responsibilities required for teams to run efficiently throughout the season. Thank you for your help!

Manager (1)

  • Main Liaison between coaches and parents.
  • Coordinate “Parents’ Team Meeting” at beginning of season.
  • Collect post-dated cheques of $200 ($100 for U13 and U14) and coordinate initial volunteer roles with team parents. Prepare team phone lists and schedules.
  • Provide information to parents and players during the season regarding team activities and tournament details (arrival, location, etc.), results, team photos, etc…
  • Register for any ‘extra optional tournaments’ outside of VBC Club tournaments (including Nationals).
  • Coordinate parental duties (see below) as need arises.

Travel Coordinator – Accommodations (1)

  • Research hotels, negotiate best group rates to work within team budget, and book hotels for all away tournaments. For teams with little travel, Travel & Transportation Coordinator (see next) may be combined.

 Transportation Coordinator (1)

  • In case of team travel involving flights / ferries, car rental – coordinate and book cars / vans, buses, ferries, or flights (ie. Nationals), and coordinate carpools or buses for all ‘out-of-town’ tournaments.

 Treasurer (1)

  • Calculate team budget and revise as necessary throughout the season as travel / accommodations are coordinated.
  • Collect team fees from each player and pay out costs of extra tourneys, extra clothing, additional equipment, professional photos, food, travel accommodations, etc..
  • Accountable to parents throughout the season for all funds raised and spent.
  • Discuss with coaches options / preferences on travel costs (ie. reimbursement vs team paying upfront, etc…) and implement.

Scorekeeper / Lines Coordinator (1)

  • Coordinate directly with parents (not through Manager) volunteering for various duties at each tournament (linesperson, scorekeeper, etc.).
  • Should also be available to scorekeep / lines, and fill-in when necessary.

 Scorekeeper ( ~ 3-4 plus coordinator)

  • Scorekeep a minimum of x tournaments or xx games (x dependent on # volunteers), including out-of-town tournaments.
  • Must be able to fill out scoresheet (online tutorial available on Vball BC website) or flip scores. If you do not know how to keep score, you may instead volunteer to flip numbers but must plan to be the first person to sit at scorekeeping table during warm-up to secure this position.

Lines Person ( ~ 3-4 plus coordinator)

  • Lines Person a minimum of x tournaments or xx games (x dependent on # volunteers), including out-of-town tournaments.
  • Duties include calling balls in / out, watching for foot faults on the server, and calling if the ball was touched before it goes out.

Chaperone (please see description in “Parental Duties”)

Other / Miscellaneous – Parental Duties

Parents should be available to help out with the duties listed below. Please note these are in addition to the volunteer tasks mentioned above and directly relate to ‘parental duties’.  They are not considered part of volunteer hours (unless your designated tasks are insufficient to fulfill the required number of hours – if so, please be sure to let your team manager know). The team manager will let parents know when opportunities arise. Please be willing to help out when you can. If necessary, the manager may assign duties if there is a shortage of parent helpers.

Please note there is an expectation that parents be in attendance as much as possible, and be mindful that the duties of chaperoning, carpooling, purchasing food for players (during out-of-town tournaments), etc… should be shared among families.

Chaperone Players during Out of Town Tournaments
If the coach and the assistant coach are both males, a female chaperone may be needed for away tournaments. Duties include generally keeping track of girls, doing nightly room-check at curfew, checking rooms upon departure for lost items or items left behind.  In case of multiple-nights, this should be shared with other parents, one mother taking on one night each. * In the event there are no parents planning or willing to accompany the team to an out-of-town tournament, this duty will become a fulfillment of volunteer hours.

Coordinate Food for Team

  • Shop for drinks, breakfast, lunch, or dinner while at away tournaments when players are unable to leave the venue. 

Social Gatherings

  • Plan team-bonding events for players, end of season team & family gathering, etc…

Videotape Games (optional)

  • At higher level teams, some coaches appreciate any parent who would like to film games for them on a periodic basis. Parents and players also appreciate game coverage as well. Set up camera directly behind court, and let run.

Fundraising (optional)

  • Teams are supportive of any fundraising ideas and coordination to help reduce the cost of the upcoming season.

Refund of Volunteer Bond
In order to receive your refund, please e-mail

Your post-dated cheque will be destroyed upon submission of declaration of volunteer hours completed.  In your email, please be sure to give your daughter’s full name, team, and volunteer tasks performed during the season.

Please note that this should not be taken as an “option” to pay and not volunteer.

Each team will make every effort to find appropriate volunteer roles for families.