FAQs – 2020 Season

Age groups for 2019 Season

  • 18U – Born in 2002
  • 17U – Born in 2003
  • 16U – Born in 2004
  • 15U – Born in 2005
  • 14U – Born in 2006
  • 13U – Born in 2007
  • 12U – Born in 2008

How does club volleyball work?

Club volleyball season begins with tryouts in November and December and runs until the end of May, usually culminating with the National Championships.

Thunder Blue and White teams will typically practice twice per week and Thunder Silver teams practicing one or two times per week, depending on gym and coach availability.

What are the fees for club volleyball and what do they cover?

Fees for the 2020 season will be posted in December. Thunder is currently reviewing our club fee structure and anticipates a rise in fees for the 2020 season.

Club fees include uniforms, gym rental, some tournament entry fees, equipment, coaching per diems, coach honoraria, Volleyball BC membership fees and club administration fees.

Items such as costs for road trips, additional practice time, additional gear or branding of gear, or the like are not included in the club fees. Participation in the National Championships are not covered by club fees and any and all associated fees are to be covered by the participating team.

For the most up to date information on fees and what they cover, please refer to the Thunder website.

Where and when are the practices?

Thunder Volleyball Club holds practices in a variety of locations including but not limited to Jules Verne School, Osborne Gym at UBC, War Memorial Gym at UBC or possibly other school gyms in Vancouver. Practices are typically scheduled for the evenings, though younger age groups may practice in the late afternoon. Practices begin in January and run until May, in 2 hour sessions, 1-2 times per week depending on age group and team.

When will games or tournaments be?

Club Volleyball in BC is not run as a league and each team can enter the tournament(s) of their choosing based solely on coach discretion. Your coach will be scheduling tournaments, play days and/or exhibition games throughout the season and will provide you with a detailed schedule.

How do tryouts work?

Tryouts are mandatory for any athlete wishing to play for Thunder Volleyball Club. Each age group will have 2-3 tryouts, with the dates, times and locations posted well in advance on the Thunder website. We understand that there may be conflicts with our tryout times and those of other clubs.

We require that you attend a minimum of 1 tryout and while missing the remaining tryouts will not completely disqualify you from making a Thunder team, we may not be able to get an accurate assessment of your skills. We can only assess skill and potential when we see you so please make every effort to attend all tryouts if you are serious about joining the Thunder Volleyball Club.

Athletes selected to Thunder teams will be made by a committee and athletes will be notified by a website posting once tryouts are completed with their status.

What if my child decides to withdraw from playing for the club or gets injured and cannot participate?

Thunder Volleyball Club operates on a tight budget without any leeway for refunds. We purposely budget team and program fees with little or no margin in order to keep player fees as low as possible. Further, the Club is a not for profit organization. Funds used to provide programs are sourced primarily from club/program fees paid by athletes and partially subsidized by a grant from BC Gaming.

For each team or training program, we calculate the cost of tournament entry fees, uniforms, gym rentals, coaching costs, equipment and administrative costs. Once we add up the total costs for the team or program, we divide that cost by the number of players that join the team or are expected to join the program.

Once a player commits to a program or team season, it is assumed that the player will complete the season. Because we are a volunteer run, not for profit organization, if a player withdraws, we are unable to give a refund because it would put the financial burden on the remaining members of the team. The money collected for fees has already been spent as described above.

If a player is injured prior to the beginning of a club season or commencement of a program and wishes to withdraw from the team or program, a refund may be granted if that spot can be filled by another suitable player. Each situation will be handled on an individual basis. This is also the case if a player withdraws from an extra tournament or event for which the team has or will collect funds. Teams and athletes commit to tournaments based on knowing they will pay $X.

Additionally, upon acceptance to a Thunder team, players are required to notify coaches of any schedule conflicts with known tournaments (including, but not limited to, Super Series, out-of-town tournaments and Nationals.) Should an athlete not attend a tournament that the team has or will collect funds for, they are still responsible for paying their share as it is not fair for the other team members to carry this cost. If athletes cannot attend due to an injury, it is the decision of the Executive as to whether or not this athlete is responsible for any extra costs incurred by the team.

How can I be involved in the Club as a parent?

Good question! We are always looking for volunteer support to help with uniform coordination, tryouts, website maintenance, registration assistance and equipment coordination. If you would like to help, please get in touch with us at thundervball@gmail.com