2021 Expectations for Participation on a Thunder Team

In a normal season, athletes who have committed to a Thunder team would be expected to maintain regular participation at practices and tournaments. In advance of the competitive season, athletes would have communicated to coaches any conflicts that would preclude participation at any practices or tournaments.

With athletes invited back or selected via application/tryouts for 2021, they have committed to Thunder without the information that families usually have in order to make this commitment in good faith. And with practice times just being finalized this week and no tournament schedule in place, we ask that athletes observe the following in order for all players to move forward in their training and for coaches to plan and implement effective training plans.

1. Participating in practices is expected. Conflicts should be discussed directly with coaches. In terms of conflicts with other sports, we strongly encourage athletes to observe the Public Health Order recommendation of limiting cohorts.

2. Committing to safety. Thunder has put in place a thorough set of procedures to ensure the safety of all athletes and coaches in accordance with Via Sport Guidelines. We expect athletes to fully commit to participating in all sanitation procedures, health assessments, limiting contact by not carpooling, staying home if feeling unwell, and immediately notifying the head coach or club if there is an exposure notification or positive test.