2022 Team Fees

Registration and Team Fees

  • Team fees are typically set by January after we know the number of players per team and which tournaments will be entered.
  • Depending on the age group, we anticipate the team fees for 2022 to be between $800-$1800 per player.
  • A $200 non-refundable deposit is due upon acceptance of an offer to join a Thunder team.

Thunder Club Fees Include:

  • gym rentals
  • equipment costs (balls, med kits, training equipment)
  • technical Support (Coaching Certification, Coaching honorariums)
  • administration (registration system, website, banking, bursaries, etc)
  • entry fees for tournaments (3-9 tournaments depending on team)
  • additional tournament/travel costs where noted
  • team kit which includes:
    • 12U-14U: (2) warm up t-shirts, (1) capped sleeved team jersey, (1) Lululemon hoodie, (1) pair Lululemon shorts, (1) backpack
    • 15U-18U: (3) warm up t-shirts, (2) long sleeved team jerseys, (1) Lululemon hoodie, (1) Lululemon hoodie, (1) pair Lululemon shorts, (1) backpack

Club Fees do NOT cover the following:

  • Volleyball BC membership (this must now be purchased seperately by players)
  • all costs associated with travel to out of town tournaments including Nationals
  • cost of subsidizing coaches’ travel/accommodation for out of town tournaments
  • extra tournaments over and above those included in initial budget
  • any additional gear ordered through the Thunder team store