Expectations for Participating on a Thunder Team

We anticipate a return to a more normal club season for 2022, which means a return to our usual expectations for participating on a Thunder team while still adhering to all Return to Play health and safety considerations. This means:

1. Participating in practices and tournaments is expected. Conflicts should be discussed directly with coaches. (See more on this in “Mult-sport Athletes and Commitment” below.)

2. Committing to safety. Thunder has put in place a thorough set of procedures to ensure the safety of all athletes and coaches in accordance with ViaSport Guidelines. We expect athletes to fully commit to participating in all sanitation procedures, health assessments, staying home if feeling unwell, and immediately notifying the head coach or club if there is an exposure notification or positive test.

Multi-sport Athletes and Commitment

In an effort to build increased movement and athletic ability, Thunder continues to encourage multi-sport athletes, especially between the ages of 12-15 years.

However, athletes MUST disclose potential scheduling conflicts from other activities and vacation plans to coaches during the selection process so that an informed decision can be made about team breakdowns and whether the scheduling conflicts can be accommodated during the club season. The key here is transparency, both on the part of coaches regarding expectations and athletes regarding their potential limitations to participating fully on a team.

Of particular importance is informing coaches about the ability to participate in both the provincial and the national championships as the seeding process can be impacted and negative team consequences occur if not all athletes are available. 

Note: Additional explanation of the above policies as they apply specifically to age groups will occur during tryouts.