NEW: Optional Training for 13U-18U Thunder Players

  • We are offering OPTIONAL extra training for 13U-18U Thunder Athletes
  • Age groups will have their own specific time slot and each week certain positions/skills will be the focus of the training session.
  • These sessions will include technical skill and body mechanics training with the goal to provide athletes with an extra training session to further improve their all around volleyball skills. 
  • Additionally, we will be including special guest coaches (university and professional), a sport psychologist, a strength and conditioning coach and a dietitian to provide complete support to all of the athletes. 
  • For the first two weeks we are extremely fortunate to have Cody Piwowar-Desilets (Team Canada Strength and Conditioning Coach) join the sessions.


Age GroupDateTimePosition
13/14UWednesday, January 87:30-8:30pmOutside/Libero
13/14UWednesday, January 157:30-8:30pmNO SESSION
13/14UWednesday, January 227:30-8:30pmSetter/Middle
13/14UWednesday, January 297:30-8:30pmNO SESSION
13/14UWednesday, February 57:30-8:30pmSetter/Outside
13/14UWednesday, February 127:30-8:30pmSetter/Middle/Libero
13/14UWednesday, February 197:30-8:30pmOutside/Libero
13/14UWednesday, February 267:30-8:30pmSetter/Middle
13/14UWednesday, March 47:30-8:30pmAll positions
13/14UWednesday, March 117:30-8:30pmAll positions
15UMonday, January 67:30-8:30pmOutside/Libero
15UMonday, January 137:30-8:30pmSetter/Middle
15UMonday, January 207:30-8:30pmSetter/Outside
15UMonday, January 277:30-8:30pmNO SESSION
15UMonday, February 37:30-8:30pmSetter/Middle/Libero
15UMonday, February 107:30-8:30pmSetter/Outside/Libero
15UMonday, February 177:30-8:30pmNO SESSION
15UMonday, February 247:30-8:30pmSetter/Middle/Libero
15/16UMonday, March 27:30-8:30pmNO SESSION
15/16UMonday, March 97:30-8:30pmAll positions
16UMonday, January 68:30-9:30pmOutside/Libero
16UMonday, January 138:30-9:30pmSetter/Middle
16UMonday, January 208:30-9:30pmSetter/Outside
16UMonday, January 278:30-9:30pmOutside/Libero/Middle
16UMonday, February 38:30-9:30pmSetter/Middle/Libero
16UMonday, February 108:30-9:30pmSetter/Outside/Libero
16UMonday, February 178:30-9:30pmNO SESSION
16UMonday, February 248:30-9:30pmSetter/Middle/Libero
15/16UMonday, March 27:30-8:30pmNO SESSION
15/16UMonday, March 97:30-8:30pmAll positions
17/18UWednesday, January 88:30-9:30pmOutside/Libero
17/18UWednesday, January 158:30-9:30pmNO SESSION
17/18UWednesday, January 228:30-9:30pmSetter/Middle
17/18UWednesday, January 298:30-9:30pmNO SESSION
17/18UWednesday, February 58:30-9:30pmSetter/Outside
17/18UWednesday, February 128:30-9:30pmSetter/Middle/Libero
17/18UWednesday, February 198:30-9:30pmOutside/Libero
17/18UWednesday, February 268:30-9:30pmSetter/Middle
17/18UMonday, March 28:30-9:30pmNO SESSION
17/18UWednesday, March 48:30-9:30pmAll positions
17/18UMonday, March 98:30-9:30pmAll positions
17/18UWednesday, March 118:30-9:30pmAll positions


Jules Verne School (5445 Baillie Street)


$25 per session – cash or cheque payment upon arrival.