Thunder Team Selection Processes for the 2021 Season

Covid-19 restrictions are impacting the upcoming volleyball season in many ways: limited gym space, reduced games and tournaments, strict health and safety protocols and smaller group cohorts are some of the challenges all clubs are facing this year. Thunder is working hard to provide train and play opportunities where possible, but the upcoming season will look very different all around.

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Early Signing, Athlete Applications and Tryouts

  • In previous years, Thunder held open tryouts to select players for teams. 
  • This year, we are veering from that process and following Volleyball BC’s recommendations regarding team selection. This includes:
  1. Early Signing: October 15 – November 15
    • Thunder will offer some players early signing (only available to those who played for Thunder in the 2020 season.)
  2. Athlete Applications: November 16 – December 15.
    • Thunder will review athlete applications for any remaining spaces available after the Early Signing period.
  3. Open tryouts: January dates TBD
    • If needed, tryouts will be offered by age group.
  • The purpose of these changes is to limit traffic at tryouts.
  •  Because these processes differ from how we usually select players for teams, the early signing option is a work-in-progress for us and will differ team by team. We expect there will be fewer early signing offers for younger age groups.
  •  For more information about these policies, please visit the Volleyball BC website.

Club Teams and Training

  • Booking gym space is a major challenge during Covid restrictions. We do not know what will be available in January so all our club team planning at this point is tentative. 
  • If we are unable to secure training space for a team, we will release those early signing commitments by January 8th without penalty as per Volleyball BC.  

If you have any questions about these policies or how Volleyball BC has shaped the 2021 season, please visit the Volleyball BC website.