Team Selections

Tentative Teams for 2020:

For 12U-14U teams: Based on the Criteria for Selection, the top 12-24 athletes (depending on the number of teams per age group) will be selected by the end of tryouts to the Blue/White training group. Placements on the Blue or White team will happen at the end of January once coaches have had more time to determine how best to place girls to create  one or two even strength teams. Both teams will train together at least once per week provided appropriate gym facilities are available.

12U: 1 team

13U: 2 teams –Blue & White   

14U: 2 teams –Blue & White   

For 15U-18U teams the final selection into teams will be at tryouts. While the philosophy of training as a division continues, there is more time spent training as a team unit.  Teams are not necessarily even, but are balanced based on factors such as position, current and potential skill and the need to ensure that a larger group of players have exposure to both high level training and competition. 

We think it is significantly important, especially at the 15U-16U levels, that rather than have some of the top players on the bench on a “top team” they learn to lead, be a go to player and have more competitive exposure on a 1B team.  Eventually these top players will be together at the 17U/18U levels and will have benefited from this development model.

15U – 2 teams –Blue & White   

16U – 2 teams – Blue & White

17/18 – 2 or 3 teams – athlete abilities and ages will determine team breakdowns