Smash Development Teams – Powered by Thunder for 12U, 13U, 14U Girls

Purpose:  To provide opportunities for as many local players as possible to play on a competitive, Vancouver based a team this winter. 

Joining the Smash Development Teams:  Please complete this form if your daughter would like to be identified at the 12U, 13U, or 14U Thunder tryouts for a potential spot on a Smash development team in the event that she is not selected to a Thunder team. Smash roster spots will be offered at the conclusion of Thunder selections. 

Thunder Technical Director Matt Krueger will be overseeing these teams and each team will have a qualified head coach.
There will be 3-6 12U development teams and 3-6 14U development teams in Vancouver, depending on demand and coach availability. 

All teams will train and compete 1-2 times per week and will compete in at least 3 club play day tournaments. The season runs from early January until mid-March with an option to extend training and competition into April. 

More Info: