Thunder Highlights for the 2020 Season



The Thunder Blue 18U team had an outstanding season. Despite the short season we had a lot of success. Highlights included winning the first Super Series meeting the Thunder 17U team in the finals and only dropping one set in the entire tournament. We also won the Royals Rumble tournament at Douglas College which featured most of the top teams in Western Canada and showed great mental toughness winning the semis and finals in by 2 points in the 3rd set. We also capped it off by winning the Island Super Series just before our season was unfortunately cut short. I feel we had a great shot at Provincials and Nationals but the girls should be super proud of an amazing season. 

Submitted by Coach Jonny


Thunder 18U White was a mix of 6 18U’s and 6 17U’s and two new coaches to several athletes. The season started off quietly with a lot of new personalities that needed to integrate and come together. In short time the love of volleyball and tiktok accelerated the bonding process. The crew never started or finished outside of the top 8 in the province. Highlights included taking down 2019 provincial champs and finishing 5th in the first Super Series, only losing to the eventual tournament winner – Thunder Blue.

Submitted by Coach Sandy


Thunder 17U Black was able to create a season for the memory books even though it was cut short. Our season was a journey of growth, development, confidence and a little bit of volleyball to go along with it. These 12 girls made it clear from the get go that our goal was to achieve greatness, we were going after a national championship. It was evident as the practices went on and the tournaments came and went that their effort and dedication was not to be questioned. We were on a journey together and we would not be satisfied unless we performed to our team standards, win or lose. There is a lot to be left in question in the ‘what if’s’ and ‘what could have been’ on this journey we won’t see through this season, but that does not take away from how committed and dedicated these girls were to the process. While on paper, we had a very successful season, placing 2nd and 3rd respectively in the two 17/18U Super Series and on track to be the number one 17U team in the province. The trip to Oregon is one that has left everyone with lasting memories.  As coaches we are most impressed with the growth off the court, with these young ladies beginning to understand what it takes to be selfless and put the team ahead of the individual.  The journey for these ladies is not over, in fact you could say it’s just beginning.  There is no doubt in my mind that this team will conquer the obstacle set in front of us right now and when we get the chance to come together again, we will continue on that journey to achieve greatness. 

Submitted by Coach Jodi

16U Blue and white

Thunder 16U teams were having a great season working hard and learning lots on our way too many top 10 finishes for both teams.  Coaches feel that all athletes bought into our work hard and keep learning goals we set at the beginning of the year. Both Teams travelled to Seattle for some matches against really tough competition where we finished 5th (Blue) and 21st (White) out of 64 teams at 16U.  All athletes, coaches, parents, and fans were sad to have our season cut short but health and safety is always the number one goal.  Athletes and coaches are working hard from home to hone their skills and stay in shape for whenever volleyball can start up again. Stay safe, stay sane and keep being a good human!!

Submitted by Coach CMoore (aka Craig Moore)

15U Blue and White

The Thunder 15U program had an impressive season. Even though it was short both Blue & White played in many one day tournaments to start the season & found a lot of success. Before the shutdown both teams placed in the top 4 at the Kelowna super series W/ Blue finishing 3rd and White finishing 4th against the top teams in the province. But the season is not just about results, it’s about the growth of each athlete & the memories they made In the short time together. 

I couldn’t possibly end without saying a MASSIVE THANK YOU to our managers, to all the parents who did such a great job of making sure the athletes get to practice and are fuelled and ready to work. The athletes and coaches really do appreciated all that you do – and we couldn’t succeed without you.

To the athletes: Thank you for your dedication & your unparalleled effort on and off the court. The growth of each athlete in the short two months together was outstanding. It was an honour and a privilege to have coached a group of people who care about the game and each other so much.

Keep striving, keep growing, keep learning – see you back on the courts soon.

Submitted by Coach Jeff

14U Blue and white

The Thunder Blue and White 14U teams were off to a flying start prior to the Covid-19 shut down.  The teams participated in a number of play days and one super spike competition and even played against each other in the final of one of the play days in Surrey.  The girls worked hard during training and continued to develop their volleyball skills to a higher level.  The entire coaching team appreciated the energy and enthusiasm the girls played with and look forward to seeing many of the girls return next year during tryouts.​

– Submitted by Coach Beathen

13U blue and white

Although the season was cut short, Thunder 13U had a very productive couple of months. We
squeezed in five play days / tournaments prior to Spring Break. Both Blue and White placed
high in the rankings winning nearly every match they played. The girls worked hard and
progressed steadily. The coaches’ sights were set on another Thunder versus Thunder finals at
the Provincials. Some highlights include learning the jump float, back set, and even the barrow
roll. In addition to consistently displaying amazing athleticism, the girls all showed great
support for their team mates. Way to go girls!

Submitted by Coach Ben

I’m proud of the all the 13U players’ dedication to their improvement on developing their skills – they were all such students of the game. They started to understand defensive tactics and they were a force to be reckoned with defensively toward the end. At the net, the were beasts. Crushing balls, some beautiful blocks and the setters were always a threat on offense, learning to pick apart the holes in the other team’s defense by dumping the ball at the perfect times. Most importantly, they were great teammates. They cheered for each other, gave encouragement when a teammate made an error and celebrated each other’s successes. They were understanding that it took a team to be successful and that’s what I’m most proud of them for.

– Submitted by Coach Jayme


It was a great first season for the Thunder U12 team (albeit short!) with lots of laughter and learning. Skill development was at the heart of each practice, with a focus each week on passing and the progression to three contacts. The girls improved so much over the season and demonstrated this growth in their strong game play during tournaments and play days. Our pink flamingo hat was awarded each week to the player that demonstrated strong work ethic, focus, team work or enthusiasm. We are very proud of our flock of flamingos and how they have grown and developed as players and teammates over the course of the season. Great job, girls!

Submitted by Coaches Karrie and Titus

Extra sessions

Hey Thunder, thanks so much for your support and engagement with the extra rep sessions. I thought they were a huge success! We had the chance to work on individual and specific needs, that I hope translated and transferred into the games.  A big shoutout to all the athletes who came and worked hard. You all improved so much and I can’t wait to work with you again. Keep working and finding ways to improve during this tough time, it will pay off! 
To all the athletes moving on from Thunder, it truly saddens me to think you did not get a chance to finish your club experience. You are all such incredible volleyball players and people.  It was our pleasure to have you be a part of the Thunder family.  Good luck in your next adventure!

Submitted by Matt Krueger, Thunder Technical Director