2023 Thunder Club Tryouts

Athletes must pay one tryout fee, and attend the first two tryouts listed for their age group. The third session for each age group will be run based on coaches’ decisions and will be communicated to athletes as needed. All athletes must register in advance. Currently, thunder is only offering girls club teams.

Cost: a one-time fee of $45 (with $5 of every tryout registration going to our Canadian Women’s National Team)

Registration: All participants MUST register online in advance. No in-person registration. Registration will close for each age group at noon the day prior to the first tryout.

**Tryout registration for all age groups is now closed for any additional registrations.**


Age GroupDateStart TimeEnd TimeLocation
16USun, Dec 46:00 PM7:30 PMWar Memorial Gym
16U Mon, Dec 56:30 PM8:00 PMWar Memorial Gym
16U *by invite onlyTues, Dec 66:30 PM8:00 PMWar Memorial Gym
17U, 18USun, Dec 47:30 PM9:00 PMWar Memorial Gym
17, 18UMon, Dec 57:00 PM8:30 PMWar Memorial Gym
17U, 18U *by invite onlyTues, Dec 67:00 PM8:30 PM War Memorial Gym

All dates, times, and locations are subject to change.

**Tryout registration for all age groups is now closed for any additional registrations.**


Additional Tryout Information

Special Circumstances – If there are special circumstances why you may not be able to make all tryout sessions, please speak with one of the coaches on the first day. Or preferably, contact us ahead of time to let us know why especially if you will not be there the first day at

Age Groups – Age groups are as follows: 12U (2011), 13U (2010), 14U (2009), 15U (2008), 16U (2007), 17U (2006), 18U (2005).

Playing Up or Down – Should an athlete wish to “play up” an age group, they must meet a minimum of one of the following criteria in order to submit an application to the Thunder Executive:

  1. The athlete is judged to be athletically and technically in the top half of the players in the year up such that she is a strong contributor to the team.
  2. The athlete has played up in the previous Club season.
  3. The athlete has skipped a grade and is socially familiar with the age group above theirs.

If one or more of these 3 criteria are met athletes may request, in writing, to “play up.” The Executive will determine, on a case-by-case basis, whether or not this is permitted and a decision will be made prior to the first date of tryouts. Please email your request to by Nov 21, 2022.

Early Signing – Thunder participated in Volleyball BC’s early signing process across the 13U-18U age groups with the deadline to submit these final lists of Oct 6. You can view the full early signing list on Volleyball BC’s Website here

If your athlete received and accepted an early signing offer, the requirement to attend tryouts will be up to the respective coach for each age group. Stay tuned for an update from them in the coming weeks from coaches. 

Evaluation Criteria – During tryouts, evaluators assess the athlete’s current ability to participate and be successful for the club season. This includes physical characteristics such as jumping ability, movement skills, speed, agility, and coordination as well as the height and arm mechanics.

The second critical component is Talent Identification, which is predicting an athlete’s future potential. We strive to identify physical, technical, tactical, and psychological qualities that athletes will develop and contribute to individual and team excellence in the future. This talent identification component is an especially critical component at younger ages and will override present skill level.  By 16U-18U current ability becomes an increasingly stronger factor while considering character strengths and skills,  including but not limited to; competitiveness in training and competition and supportive and respectful communication on, and off the court.

Refunds – Refund requests must be made a minimum of 48 hours prior to the first tryout session for your respective age group.


We look forward to the 2023 season!