Athlete Date of Birth and Age Group Policy

Date of Birth and Age Groups for 2022 Season

Age GroupBirth Year

“Playing Down”

Volleyball BC has set guidance that any number of athletes born September 1- December 31st of the previous year are permitted to “play down” one age category. Athletes who are considering “playing down” may only tryout out for ONE age category. 

“Playing Up”

Should an athlete wish to “play up” an age group, they must meet a minimum of one of the following criteria in order to submit an application to the Thunder Executive:

  1. The athlete is judged to be athletically and technically in the top half of the players in the year up such that she is strong contributor to the team.
  2. The athlete has played up in the previous Club season.
  3. The athlete has skipped a grade and is socially familiar with the age group above theirs.

If one or more of these 3 criteria are met athletes may request, in writing, to “play up.” The Executive will determine, on a case-by-case basis, whether or not this is permitted and a decision will be made prior to the first date of tryouts.

Please send your request to “play-down” or “play-up” to