Criteria for Selection

During tryouts, evaluators assess the athlete’s current ability to participate and be successful for the club season.  This includes physical characteristics such as jumping ability, movement skills, speed, agility and co-ordination as well as height and arm mechanics.

The second critical component is Talent Identification, which is predicting an athlete’s future potential. We strive to identify physical, technical, tactical and psychological qualities that athletes will develop and contribute to individual and team excellence in the future.   This talent identification component is an especially critical component at the younger ages and will override present skill level.  By 16U-18U current ability becomes an increasingly stronger factor  while considering  character strengths and skills,  including but not limited to; competitiveness in training and competition and supportive and respectful communication on, and off court.

In-Catchment Policy – updated for 2022 club season tryouts – Because many athletes were without opportunities to play during Covid-19 restrictions, Thunder will accept out-of-catchment players at this year’s tryouts. However, we still reserve the right to take residence/school location as a factor in selecting teams for the 12U-15U age groups. At the 16U-18U levels, there will be limits to transfers based on competitive needs of the teams.