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The Thunder Executive is pleased to announce a special event and learning opportunity to help wrap up the Thunder season. Our new Canadian Women’s Volleyball National Team coach, Tom Black, is bringing Trevor Ragan of “Train Ugly” to BC to work with the Senior National Team on May 14 and 15th. We are fortunate to be able to have this dynamic presenter share with our club. Trevor will be presenting on how to build a Growth Mindset and where to find the learning opportunities in every challenge.  Trevor will blow you away with his knowledge on ways to build resilience and overcoming fear.

Athletes will benefit by understanding a few of the reasons we resist or avoid getting out of our comfort zone.

Coaches can find ways to build off these themes to build a great learning culture.

For parents, Trevor’s experience presenting to a wide range of professions will help you in your day job and the information will be valuable to understand how to guide and support your children as they become better and more resilient learners.

This two hour session is a steal of a deal, and not to be missed!

“Trevor is one of the greatest learners I know and I am incredibly grateful for all he has done to help myself and the athletes I’ve been privileged to coach be the best learners we can be. I am incredibly excited for the impact he can have on our women’s National team program here in Canada.”   – Tom Black.  Team Canada Volleyball

 Event Details

WHEN: Tuesday May 14   7:00-8:30 with Q and A to follow.

Where: UBC SCRF 100 – 2125 Main Mall, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4

Who should attend: This session is appropriate for all Thunder club athletes, coaches and parents.

Cost: $20 per person in advance (all ticket sales going to pay for presenter expenses and to support the Women’s National Team) $25 at the door if tickets remain. Space is limited.

Tickets: Eventbrite

Note: sign up soon as we will open up the session to other groups early next week.

Check out Trevor’s Train Ugly website here

Here is a sampling of a few recent participants’ comments about Trevor’s presentation:

Attendee – Education Conference

“I learned more today from your presentation in Lubbock than I have learned from any other inservice, coaching clinic, or lecture in the last 25 years combined.”

Attendee – Western Iowa Tech

“Don’t want to overstate this but your program is life changing for me. I’m starting as a part time instructor next week, a lawyer by training for 35 years (still a lawyer), always in an environment of perfection and absolute fear to fail… Today has allowed me to see a new way to approach my life as well as how I reach my students. Thank you.”

Attendee – KPEC Conference

“That was the most informative and inspirational presentation that I have ever attended.”

Lizabeth Fox (AEA1KPEC Conference)

“Your presentation in Dubuque at the KPEC conference was so moving and impactful.  You single-handedly propelled me to rethink my approach to teaching!  Yes, I need to recharge, but I’m more excited for August 24th than I ever thought I would be in June.”

Thanks and let me know if you have any questions.

Doug Reimer 
Head Coach, UBC Volleyball

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