Thunder Volleyball Club recognizes that all youth in our club have the right to play volleyball in a positive environment and to feel safe. Accordingly, our Club is committed to ensuring that:

  • Respect is always shown
  • Bullying will not be accepted or condoned
  • Everybody has the responsibility to work together to stop bullying
  • Player should know who will listen to and support them and how to access help
  • Any reported incident of bullying will be investigated objectively and will involve listening carefully to and supporting all those involved

Definition of Bullying:

Bullying is recognized and defined as deliberately hurtful behavior usually repeated over a period of time where it is difficult for those bullied to defend themselves.

Bullying may take place during practices and/or tournaments and may continue beyond Thunder supervised programs via social media. It can take many forms but the three main types are:

Physical – examples include kicking, punching, hitting, spitting, biting, tripping, theft or destruction of property and team kit.

Verbal – examples include threatening consequences, spreading rumours, name calling, teasing, making sexual, racist or sectarian remarks, highlighting physical appearance or sporting ability.

Emotional – examples include (often non-verbal) isolating an individual from the activities and social acceptance of other team members, ignoring or excluding individuals, talking behind their backs, staring, writing unpleasant notes/letters/graffiti, writing letters/ text messages or comments on social media and internet sites.

To ensure that all our youth are respected and feel safe, our Player/Parent/Anti-Bullying Code of Conducts will be reviewed with teams at the beginning of each club season.  ALL Players/Parents/Guardians must read and agree to the Anti-Bullying Code of Conduct.

Anti-Bullying Code of Conduct Agreement – Parents and Players

Bullying is not an acceptable behavior towards anyone at Thunder Volleyball Club including children/coaches/volunteers/parents and will not be tolerated.

Anyone found to be bullying others will be dealt with seriously both in regards to the behavior exhibited and reasons for the behavior.

Actions to be taken when bullying takes place:

  1. Any bullying incident will be dealt with immediately by the team manager/coach/Club Executive members
  2. Complaints will be recorded and separate discussions will be conducted with victim and alleged bully to ensure both perspectives are considered. Witnesses may also be consulted.
  3. If players are involved, parents will be notified of the situation and informed of consequences.
  4. The coach(es)/manager(s)/Club Executive will decide on the sanction to be levied and include: verbal warning, written warning, temporary ban from practices or tournaments, permanent ban from the Club.