Why does Thunder Volleyball Club have a No Refund policy for its teams and programs?

Thunder Volleyball Club operates on a tight budget without any leeway for refunds. We purposely budget team and program fees with little or no margin in order to keep player fees as low as possible. Further, the Club is a not for profit organization. Funds used to provide programs are sourced primarily from club/program fees paid by athletes and partially subsidized by a grant from BC Gaming.

For each team or training program, we calculate the cost of tournament entry fees, uniforms, gym rentals, coaching costs, equipment and administrative costs. Once we add up the total costs for the team or program, we divide that cost by the number of players that join the team or are expected to join the program.

Once a player commits to a program or team season, it is assumed that the player will complete the season. Because we are a volunteer run, not for profit organization, if a player withdraws, we are unable to give a refund because it would put the financial burden on the remaining members of the team. The money collected for fees has already been spent as described above.

Nationals Tournaments Travel costs for the Nationals tournament are shared between all team players. Should a player not be able to attend, no shared team costs will be refunded to individual players (with the possible exception of air fare as per airline refund policies or in extenuating circumstances which will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis).

If a player is injured prior to the beginning of a club season or commencement of a program and wishes to withdraw from the team or program, a refund may be granted if that spot can be filled by another suitable player. Each situation will be handled on an individual basis.

Our Atomic and Beach sessions and other programs are also subject to the same No Refunds Policy as our team programs.

Thank you for understanding and for supporting your volleyball club.